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    Products with birch cypress wood substrate, coated with PP plastic,Dragon Lord elder, fang with imported phenolic glue steel nail fixation, form a strong wooden fang, so as to cooperate with clamp fixed square column formwork for concrete pouring.

Covering the whole wooden fang can be up to 4 meters (high quality phenolic glue, steel rivets)
Polypropylene (pp)
The base plate (birch/cypress)
Coated wood brace
Standard size and high precision

A discount of unique groove design

    , make concrete demoulding was fast and beautiful, and at the same time and have stable reinforcement effect.It can customize according to the requirement of production, solve the problem of variable diameter of the cylinder installation.

The first PP plastic square column new technology
Create special square column template

USES the high quality phenolic glue production base board,
Boiling water to boilKeep the strength

Reach the construction site to install, no need processing at the scene

After a second sanding production technology, pouring concrete
No pollution, demoulding,Up to the mirror effect

Square column template matching fastener installation in

Recycle, saving time and cost for the installation

Four metres template splicing wood fang as a whole

    , monolithic template of up to 224 cm, template and splicing height can reach more than 400 cm, wooden fang according to the standard size thickness precision cutting, the cladding as main keel templates, after can be steady and rapid installation fastening card, thus better fixed template at the same time, also can make the nut firstly when install fasteners made every fastener stress keeps consistent, and concrete.

Buy fangyuan plastic square column template with ordinary template subsidiary ledger

  contrast Fangyuan plastic square column template Wooden template
Saving and efficient structure Professional construction, safety, easy tear open outfit Install the frequent accidents, complex tear open outfit, relying on traditional carpentry
Construction schedule 8-10/day/2people 2-3/day/2-3people
The labor cost Save 60% artificial cost Artificial cost big
The labor cost Template, wood brace lossless Wooden template loss 8-10 yuan/mu fang, nails 0.5 / ㎡
Other advantages of accounting Template customization quantitative, can't waste material at will No quantitative, waste material
Construction quality Smooth surface, reach the effect of concrete facing, without secondary plaster, cost saving, high pass rate. Need a second plaster, increase the cost of construction, low qualification rate, common mold, run pulp, secondary grinding flat.
The construction time limit for a project Short time limit, save a lot of management cost Will increase a lot of management cost
Material usage Support the early break Do not support the early break
safety The construction site Clean and tidy clutter
material Plastic templates and matching wood brace Ordinary template it wood brace
tolerance 45.9KN/㎡ 30KN/㎡
other The dosage Repeated use of high frequency;Energy saving, environmental protection A lot of lumber was repeated use fewer, loss
Construction waste Factory production of customization, finished product transportation to the site A large number of abandoned templates, nails