Innovation arc template

Distinct advantages in the construction of large-scale complex project, save time is to complete a series of irregular cylinder casting

Watch film arc template The installation process Maintenance

    Arc template is wooden circular template design based on the research and development, and combined with the structure of the new type of square column template features.

    In complex curved cylinder make highlight its easy installation fast speed, flexibility, launched in the field of construction template market is widely recognized.

    Arc template main highlight its advantages in complex, large-scale engineering construction, to save time is to complete a series of irregular cylinder casting.

The product installation advantage

    Arc template effectively solve the irregular cylinder casting molding problems in large engineering, started building applications arc template.

    To absorb the advantages of both the creative to make arc cylinder into the dominant in the actual construction.

    Fastener installation nut, according to customer drawings for direct use in construction, rapid and correct installation after the completion of pouring concrete, and achieve the goal of arc cylinder to the overall building

Technology innovation

    Arc template innovation after abandoned the use of iron hoop, instead, through walls, fan-shaped nut, iron pad.Wood using a special fan nut and through walls between wire connection, combined with the special arc template, the radian of rapid adjustment nut can meet the construction requirements.

Fangyuan template system show the figure