Square column template fasteners

Good fastening effect, simple structure, adjustable size, installation just

Watch film fastener installation The installation process maintenance

    Square column template fasteners is a special custom type corresponding fixed square column template matching clamp, appearance has a corresponding of four elbow monolithic galvanized card board, card board set to bend structure at one end, along the length direction on each card board is equipped with a number of the same interval of fixed hole, wedge fixed pin through the hole and a fixed hole will limit set and the fixed card board, form the square column template fasteners, easy installation and removal.

Fixed pin can be adjusted

Suitable for different size square column template

Adjustable square column template fasteners available in different
specifications of the diameter of the cylinder to build a set of multi-purpose.

Simple installation

    Only two people can easily to tighten square column construction template.Place two pieces of card board relative in the center of the square building template has been built, and then set limit set, according to the size of the square column size to choose the corresponding fixed hole, insert the fixed pin to complete the installation of fasteners.

Easy fold receive deposit

    Need remove the fixed pin out, take the lower limit set, two pieces of card board natural separation, can receive after edge collapse of card board, the utility model is simple and practical.