Wooden circular template

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    Wooden circular template has been successfully and put into production since 2010 for the fourth generation product, is now recognised by the general construction company of mature products.Wooden circular template of simple structure, easy fabrication, easy tear open outfit.With light weight, construction industrialization, construction of concrete surface smooth, and its waterproof performance, insulation performance, corrosion resistant performance reach the advanced level at home and abroad.

innovative development

Resolve the problems run during the construction of slurry

    Template interface adopts the unique design of concave and convex chamfer, combining flat-fell seam, to prevent running pulp slurry leakage, make a concrete demoulding was fast and beautiful, and have stable reinforcement effect at the same time.Understand the relevant pate

Cylinder to level off is smooth, good shape

    Adopts a sharp surface of plywood produced by stitching seam less and less, birch cypress wood material and to ensure that the template of high strength and toughness, and epoxy resin coated not only smooth waterproof and have certain permeability, type of concrete columns is smooth and good shape, not only visual and feel good, the overall effect is better than the same kind of other products, belongs to water template.

Cost less

    Wooden circular template price is superior to the steel template, general is three points about the price of steel template, builders from the source to save a lot of cost.

    Construction convenient and quick, do not need tower crane equipment, mass operation, can be virtually shortened the time limit for project construction.

Can be arbitrary cut

   Pillar construction units in construction process of risk and so on need lap point, especially in Bridges, temples, and other columns, under the condition of complicated structure, steel and so on its ownBody limitation cannot be arbitrarily cut, often to the actual construction caused great difficulties.Fangyuan round template with good structural performance, can according to the actual size any cuttingFor the contractor to reduce the construction difficulty, greatly shorten the construction period.

    On the demoulding problem, die demoulding difficulty, commonly used three times to nap, concave and convex surface is increased a lot of human resources.And PVC templates and note template to finalize the design after demoulding effect is not ideal.
    circular template can be used multiple times to achieve 6-8 times, add simple and easy to operate, concave and convex chamfer design makes the slurry ash natural perfection, demoulding after excellent results.

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